Book of Ra Freispiele

Grills are really a fantastic tool for any cooking enthusiast. Even though most people associate a grill to a summer family BBQ, a grill can be used all year long. Nobody knows this fact better then uns Canadians believe me. Bob, for example, likes to spend those cold and chilly winter evenings at home in front of his fireplace playing Book of Ra freispiele, well until he gets hungry. Even if it snows and it is bitter cold, Bob gets out and fires up his grill. Oh by the way that is not any grill we are talking about but a Weber original. Everyone at Dave’s Spice & Rub has one and we all love it so much that we would never go back and change the brand again. So even in the coldest Canadian winters we are out and grill our lunch, dinner or snacks on our Weber grills.

A grill gives your food a very unique flavor, a smokey flavor to be precise. And here is the next big advantage of a grill, it is universal. Yes, it is true you can grill absolutely everything. Your hamburger patty, a steak, chicken, fish and even vegetables. The trick is though to only quickly put the meat in the flame and then let it slowly cook through on a higher position. Well, it goes without saying that preparation is everything, regardless of what you are about to put on your grill, you need to get it ready. Just like Bob when he is about to use up all those fancy Book of Ra freispiele. He needs to be ready, meaning he needs a quiet place where he can focus on his game without being interrupted. With our meat, fish or vegetables, they also need to be prepared and nothing makes your dish ready than rubbing it into Dave’s Spice & Rub. If you want to make it even extra special we will share a secret with you. Prepare in a bowl some olive oil, a bit of vinegar and a splash of water together with some hickory BBQ Sauce and then add some of Dave’s magic rub. Now all you have to do is steer everything and you have the best marinade a BBQ chef can ask for.

Do not let those Book of Ra freispiele distract you and put that marinade on your meat, fish or vegetable sticks and start grilling. For the fish, you want to use a little less heat and let it cook slowly and as fore the meat, you have way more options. You can even cook it in some sort of stew because grills like our Weber grill have a cooking field attached to them. We always recommend, however, to remarinade your meat or fish during the BBQ process to keep the unique flavor of Dave’s Spice & Rub. While your grill takes care of the rest you may return to your Book of Ra freispiele and only come back once in a while to turn your meat. Yes, it really sounds as easy as it actually is.

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