I love your spice and rub. I started using your spice a few months back just to try something new. I am hooked. Below is a fried chicken recipe that I’ve been using. It’s my new standard on how fried chicken should taste. Keep making the spice, and I’ll keep buying! Thanks – Scott

Me and my friends had the best Roasted Red Peppers with Sliced Garlic and Sweet Basel Leaves in Olive Oil! We had this amazing dinner set up in honer of my friend for creating an online account forex nederland! The food made everybody’s night epic! – Kendra

Our family has always loved scrambled eggs and home fries. We make it a weekly ritual for Sunday morning breakfast. Since being introduced to your spice, we enjoy them even more! We add about 1 teaspoon of your spice for every 6 eggs in the scrambled eggs mixture with butter and light cream. For our home fries, we add about a teaspoon of your spice to every 16 ounces of potatoes, mixed with diced onion and olive oil. What a delicious, flavorful breakfast! Thank you Dave! By the way, if you have a testimonials page on your website, you certainly are welcome to add our enthusiastic endorsement for your spice. We love it so much, we gave bottles of your spice as gifts for Christmas, and everyone has reported back that they love it too! You have something very, very special here… please keep up the good work and keep the spice coming!

Martin & Louise

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