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Our story at Dave’s Spice & Rub started really small. We only shared a brief part of how it all began for us on our website, but that is about to change. Because we think that a lot of our loyal customers who enjoy cooking and grilling as much as we do might be interested in who we are and how it all started. Well, at the beginning we were just a few friends who love to invite each other over, cook or grill and then over lunch or dinner, we got into the details of our recipe and how we can make it even better. Grilling has been a very big part for us and we pretty soon started experimenting with a spice rub, like a mix of several vegetables and spices. It took us quite a while until we got the dosage and the mixture right and looking back at those times, this was probably the exact moment when Dave’s Spice & Rub was born.

Word Travels Fast And That Also Counts For Our New Spice Mix

everyone in our family just loved it and people started asking if we could bring some for this or that event. Soon after that, people asked for a little extra, for later, you know? Within a few weeks, we found ourselves in a situation where it got a bit costly, so to speak. Bringing a little here and a little there still needs a big amount of ingredients. Bob was our main financier at that time because he was occasionally gambling at one of those legale deutsche online casinos and he got lucky quite often. He refused to keep that money and came up with the idea to buy the ingredients in a bigger bulk which makes them cheaper. From that moment on it did not take us very long to start discussing to actually sell our product. But we needed some more money for that because now we were talking about opening a business. Again, thanks to legale deutsche online casinos, because Bob kept on winning here and there and the rest of us put some money into the project as well.

We wanted to only sell our spices in a hobby kind of way because we had families ourselves and regular full-time jobs. But with money coming in from the first sales of our new spice mix and our sponsor Bob who still played some of the games in the legale deutsche online casinos, we could not only cover our expenses but we started to make real profits. That was the time when our online store was born and people started to order our Dave’s Spice & Rub from all over the country.

Well, the rest is ancient history. We are still the same people we were back then, just the regular full-time jobs have been replaced by our passion. Cooking, grilling, recipes, and baking replaced our office job. The only thing that did not change though is Bob still playing games in a legale deutsche online casinos and still enjoying his occasional win.

Legale deutsche Online Casinos
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