Spiced up casino free spins

If you love spices as much as I do, you will probably also love spicing up other areas of your live. The Spice Girls and the Old Spice fragrance are just two examples. However, you can also spice up your life with things that require a bit more guts, like online casinos. If you didn’t eat enough spices yet, or just aren’t spicy enough, you can start slow with free spins. There’s even a possibility to get no deposit free spins, which get you an opportunity to win real money without having to deposit anything. Let me explain this a little better.

Casino free spins

First of all, I’ll tell you what free spins actually are. In short they are a way for the casino to persuade players to play at their casino. If you don’t know much about online casinos, you might not know how competitive these can get. This because there are so many of them, that they need crazy promotions to stick out from the rest. That’s why the bigger part of online casinos offers free spins. Most often you’ll get these after your first deposit. But when you receive them before you deposit any money, they are called no deposit free spins.

Casino games

All this talk about free spins is interesting, but not as interesting as learning which casino games you can play with these free spins. I will tell you a little bit about my favourite games, which, unsurprisingly, all have to do with spices. The first one is a slot machine about the Spice Girls. Yes, I have to admit it; I always have and always will be a fan. And I couldn’t be happier that they have their own games that plays their biggest hits like Wannabe and If you can’t dance on the background. Other than that I also love a game called Spicy, that features jalapeños and hot chilli peppers to make it hotter.

Spicy Casino

It may come as no surprise that my favourite casino is Spicy Casino. This casino has a lot of spicy animations, like a mascot in the form of a jalapeño and many more fun stuff like that. It also offers a no deposit bonus of 15 free spins for Spicy, which is the only logical game. After your no deposit bonus, you get a nice welcome package of a deposit bonus of 100% up to €300 and 25 more free spins after your first deposit and the same after your second deposit. When you used up this package, you are still entitled to weekly bonuses as a regular player.

Choosing another casino

Of course, you might not be as much into spices as I am, and you might therefore want to look at other casinos as well. Which won’t cause a problem, since many of them offer free spins. Just make sure that you choose a reliable casino. You will know if it’s reliable if the casino has a Maltese license, which it will always say at the bottom of the website. If it doesn’t, please make sure the casino has at least a license from Curaçao. This to make sure that the casino is honest and will treat you well as a player. And to make sure that it deposits your withdrawals on time.

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