Basic Spices for Every Kitchen

Building your own collection of spices to fill your kitchen cupboards is not something you can accomplish in just a single day. Most people consider it a lifelong process and slowly add a spice or two to their collection over time. This makes sense though since it is not always a good idea to stock spices for the long term as like any other ingredient, they do lose their potency over time.

There are basic spices that you would at least need to have handy at home. Consider this as your starter kit and should be composed of the usually-used spices when you work in the kitchen. Below are some of them.

There is just no way you can get through a cooking session without reaching for the salt and the pepper. Ground or whole, they have become a staple in most western cuisine. While you can go the easiest route and buy pre-ground pepper, if truly incredible flavors are what you’re after, then nothing beats the freshly ground ones. In vesting on a pepper grinder will do wonders to your cooking.

A popular choice especially those that love sweets and desserts, the bittersweet flavor of this highly aromatic spice makes it a great treat when added to drinks and baked goods. Nothing beats biting into some piping hot cinnamon rolls early in the morning while sipping an equally mesmerizing cinnamon coffee. Not to be limited to drinks and baked goods alone, cinnamon can also step up your chilies, stews and curries.

While not many people are fond of the time-consuming task of chopping and mincing garlic, it is well worth the effort though thanks to the wonderful aroma and flavor it lends to any dish. Whether freshly minced or in powdered form, a little bit of this wonderful spice added to meat dishes, soups, and pasta can result in some significant bursts of flavors. Add to that the numerous health benefits it offers and you know it just has to always, always be present in your kitchen.

Another must-have spice in your cupboard, it’s not just known for the wonderful things it can do to enhance the flavor of your food but also of the numerous health benefits it is usually credited for including prevention of inflammation as well as promoting circulation. It can even be seamlessly added to your smoothie for that additional healthy kick.

There’s just no way you can do some winter and fall baking without this handy spice around. Heavily aromatic and warm, it will definitely remind you that the holidays are just around the corner. its powdered form makes for a great topping for hot cocoa and it can be added to dark sauces too— quite the versatile spice to have around.

Now that you’ve gathered your very own spice starter kit, keep adding to your collection as you need them. Do remember to store them properly and to avoid leaving them unused for too long or they may lose their aroma and flavor in the process.

Basic Spices for Every Kitchen
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