Dave’s Spice Home

Most of what we cook gets Dave’s Spice & Rub added to it. Everyone began to ask “What kind of steak is this”, or “How did you get the chicken so fresh”, or “this fish is so good, how did you cook it”. I would tell them that we had simply added some special ingredients. It didn’t occur to me that the spice mixture had evolved into something very special. The spice tasted great and was just so easy to use on everything. Everyone like it so much that we just kept on using it. I even threatened to try it on my friend Candy’s ice cream!

We then began to make bigger batches of Dave’s Spice & Rub so that we could share it with friends and family. With encouragement and much effort, it is now available for you to enjoy. We sincerely hope that you will take the time to try it on your favorite foods. Please write and let me know how you have used it to create your own gourmet recipes. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers. I will continue to post more gourmet recipes from my private collection and look forward to posting yours.

Good friends, good family and good food… it doesn’t get any better than that. I spend the summer living on my boat, and fishing from two of my good friend’s boats, named the “Reel Easy” and “Bon Appétit”. We hope that our recipes and our special spice will make your gourmet cooking Reel Easy. Bon Appétit!


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