Curry Powder— Getting to Know the Do’s and Don’ts

If you love Indian recipes, one shortcut to achieving just about a similar taste is to reach for the curry powder. Curry powder is relatively easy to find and usually very easy to use too. There are some pointers that you’d want to keep in mind before you scoop out some curry powder.

Choose the right powder
You’ll realize that there are all kinds of curry powders in the market and how they taste can vary significantly. This is because different varieties tend to differ in the spices used as well as the amount of the spices in these combinations.

It wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to the ingredients’ list before making the purchase so you know you’ll get the right taste. You’ll want to find out more about what your curry powder contains before adding it to your dishes.

Blend it with a liquid
Many people make the mistake of just pouring dry curry powder onto whatever is simmering on their stove. However, it is ideal to have the powder blended with water, coconut milk, stock or any liquid to get the most out of its flavor. You’ll get an even flavor to your dish when you take this extra mile before mixing curry powder in.

Simmer your dish
Whenever you decide to include curry powder in your dish, simmering is a must. In order for the flavors of the curry powder to truly come out and get infused into the dish, it needs time— making it a less ideal ingredient for dishes with fast cooking time. Of course, there is an exception to this but the only time you do not need to simmer curry powder is when it’s being used as a rub.

Don’t add too much
There are curry powder varieties that may not have as much turmeric in them which can lead most people to keep adding more of the powder into the dish just to get a deeper yellow coloring. However, this also means getting more of the other spices in the mix into the dish too and that can affect how it would taste. Too much curry powder in the dish can often cause the dish to either be too bitter, too hot, or even totally inedible. So, always follow what the recipe says.

Not so usual ways to use curry powder
Thanks to the incredibly versatile nature of curry powder, its uses go beyond the usually dishes that you would normally incorporate it with. Curry powder can be used as a dressing got salads, veggie dips, and grain bowls. It is an interesting flavor to add to popcorn too. If you want to spice up your egg salad or your roasted vegetables, curry powder is one spice you’d definitely want to try out.

Curry Powder— Getting to Know the Do’s and Don’ts
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